Santa Anita Organic 1920×1080

#MeetYourBeans APCASA

#Meetyourbeans APCASA A group of Revolutionaries traded in their guns for farming tools and now use gourmet coffee to fight for a better future.   UN GRUPO DE REVOLUCIONARIOS CAMBIÓ…
Cafe de Olla 1920×1080

#What’s in your cup? Café de Olla

#WHAT’S IN YOUR CUP? CafE de OLLA As part of Indigenous Peoples month, Granito Coffee is celebrating Café de Olla, a coffee that fueled an indigenous and campesino revolution in…
share51 1080×1080

#MeetYourBeans Felix Cholotio

#Meetyourbeans Félix anselmo cholotio A second generation Maya Tz’utujil coffee farmer and agricultural technician is CERTIFYING a bright future for organic coffee IN SAN JUAN LA LAGUNA.   UN CAFETERO…
Honey Coffe Cup by Unknown 1080×1080

#What’s in your cup? Honey Coffee

#WHAT’S IN YOUR CUP? HONEY COFFEE Coffee cherries are picked and sorted and, just like more conventional coffees, honey coffee has the skins and pulps removed — but unlike “washed”…
Don Domingo 1080×1080

#MeetYourBeans Domingo Cholotio Quic

#MEETYOURBEANS DON DOMINGO Don Domingo Cholotio is 82 years old. Don Domingo is widow to Doña Ana Garcia with whom he had 7 children 4 of whom are now professionals…
Lucas by La Voz 1080×1080 SOCIAL

#MeetYourBeans Lucas Bizarro Yojcom

#Meetyourbeans Lucas Bizarro Yojcom We really want to introduce you to all of the people that make Granito Coffee. That’s why we’re going to do a regular feature called #MeetYourBeans…