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Granito Coffee

The word 'granito' represents the seed or bean of change. Here at Granito coffee, we want to change the world of coffee by building a coffee company that is accountable to coffee growers and by cultivating a community of coffee drinkers that want to contribute their beans towards making a coffee industry that's a little better for everyone. We do this by breaking the conventional supply chain and delivering freshly roasted gourmet coffee directly from the producer to the consumer while making sure that profits flow back to where the coffee came from.


The coffee world can be opaque, making it hard to know who benefits and who doesn’t. At Granito, we are committed to shining a light on the inequities of the coffee industry and making our supply chain 100% transparent from bean to brew.


“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together”. At Granito, we aspire to do more than just help coffee growers make ends meet. We are committed to empowering one another, working and learning together to make a more just coffee industry and create a more equitable world.


“We can’t solve problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them”. At Granito, we think critically about where we are and what got us here. We dream big about where we want to go and think creatively about how to get there.


Our environment is not something abstract. It provides the basis for everything, our societies, our cultures, our economies, and our coffee. At Granito, we believe that to make coffee a force for good in the world, we must attend to its impact and ensure that our business is socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable.



The Grower

Farmers or Producers can range from small family farms to large private estates. Large estates employ paid labour whereas small farmers rely on the sale of their own coffee.

Low quality coffees are grown in big sun-baked plantations at lower altitudes using chemical pesticides and fertilizers whereas higher quality coffees are typically grown in smaller forested plots at higher altitudes using organic practices.


Granito Coffee comes from small, mostly indigenous, producers who own and maintain their own farms.

Granito Coffee is shade-grown on small forested highland plots using organic practices.

The producers of Granito Coffee are encouraged not only to grow coffee but also to process it so that they can capture more value from their labour.

The Intermediary

Intermediaries are traders, cayotes or “middlemen”. They buy coffee, often as fruit, from growers at prices as low as $0.10lb and then resell it to processors at a profit.


Granito Coffee bypasses the middleman by working directly with family-farmers and worker-owned cooperatives.

The Processor

Processors can be small cooperatives or big industrial operations. At a wet mill, they depulp, ferment and wash the coffee fruit. The coffee is dried, deshelled, and sorted at a dry mill.

Granito Coffee is processed by farmers who organize themselves into larger associations, cooperatives, and organizations so that they can share strategic resources, maintain wet and dry mills, and obtain a better price for their processed coffee than they would obtain for unprocessed coffee fruit.

The Exporter & Importer

Exporters are companies or organizations that buy green coffee from processors or at auctions in one place and then sell it to coffee importers or brokers in another place. Importers serve as intermediaries buying green coffee from exporters and selling it to roasters.

Granito Coffee simplifies the process by partnering with exporters/importers who share our commitment to transparency and economic justice. Together we deliver coffee directly from the producer in Guatemala to our roasters in N.America.

The Shipper

Shippers are international carriers that transport the coffee from its place of origin to the point of sale, typically in large container ships.

The Roaster

Roasters can be small artisans or big commercial manufactures. They are typically located closer to the consumer. They roast green coffee to create the dark brown beans we know and love.

Granito Coffee is roasted fresh to order in small batches using low-emission electric machinery. The rest is done by local craft roasters who share our social values and concern for the environment.

The Retailer

Retailers are the last link in the coffee supply chain before the consumer. They can be big chain grocery stores or small independent cafes. They can sell beans coffee or coffee-based beverages. Retailers are generally the only ones the customer ever sees.

In some locations, consumers can pick up Granito Coffee directly from the roaster, a community market or hand delivered by a local courier. Alternatively, consumers across Canada and the US can have Granito Coffee shipped directly to their homes or offices. Either way, Granito Coffee is packaged in high-quality biodegradable pouches and compostable/recyclable mailers to minimize waste and ensure the coffee arrives fresh.

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