Café San Miguel Subscription

The coffee industry, like so many others in Guatemala, has always been dominated by large landowners with small holder farmers earning as little as 7 cents for a lb of their coffee fruit. But in 2005 seven farmers from San Miguel Escobar along with a volunteer from the US planted an idea and began to process their own beans. From these humble beginnings, this tight knit group have become pioneers in the industry, forming their own coop and an NGO dedicated to supporting other small producers. They acquired access to an export licence and now help an alliance of small coops secure better prices and export their gourmet coffee.

Farmers: 30-Member Cooperative
Region: Antigua, Guatemala
Varieties: Bourbon, Catuai and Caturra
Altitude: 1500+ masl
Method: Washed
Relationship: Old Friends & Partners through De la Gente
Notes: Lemon-like Citrus, floral, sweet with a hint of caramel
Price paid to the farmer: 44% above market rates

Weight.34 g
Dimensions17 × 7 × 25.4 cm