Café Santa Anita Subscription

Located in Guatemala’s “boca costa” or the mouth of pacific coast, Santa Anita is home to 35 families, five different languages (Spanish & 4 Mayan), and one very unique coffee coop. In 1998, after 36 years of civil war, a group of former revolutionaries who had spent the better part of their lives in the mountains fighting for a brighter future decided to trade in their arms for tools of the coffee trade and rebuild their lives on an abandoned finca or farm. They’re still fighting for a better world, now they just use the sale of high-quality coffee and bananas to build infrastructure, fund schools, and feed families.

Farmers: 8 Family Association
Region: San Marcos, Guatemala
Varieties: Bourbon, Catimor, Catuai and Caturra
Altitude: 1000 masl
Method: Washed
Relationship: Old Friends & Partners through Operation Groundswell
Notes: Subtle, floral notes, pronounced acidity, good body
Price paid to the farmer: 64% above market

Weight.34 g
Dimensions17 × 7 × 25.4 cm