Surprise Me Subscription

Region(s): One of Guatemala’s famous coffee growing regions
Varietal(s): It’s a surprise!
Altitude: You can bet it’s above 1000 MASL
Method: Washed, Sun-Dried
Cupping Notes: There’s only one way to find out. 😉
Farmer(s): The who’s who of Granito Coffee
Producer(s): One of three farmer-owned coops
Relationship: Dear old friends one way or another
Price paid to the farmer: Between 35-60% above market


Don’t know what coffees to choose? Want to rotate between coffees? Or maybe you just like the excitement of being surprised? If so, this is the subscription for you. Each cycle, our roaster will choose a different coffee for you to try.

Weight.34 g
Dimensions17 × 7 × 25.4 cm