making good coffee
a little better for all of us

Granito Bean Black
Granito literally means “little grain or bean”, but what inspired us at Granito was a saying… “poner nuestro granito de arena”, or we all have to contribute our little grain of sand (or bean). So, from our farmers in Guatemala to our roasters in Toronto, this is our little contribution to making good coffee better for all of us.​

Not your average coffee (or company)


Granito Coffee is shade grown by small-holder farmers and naturally processed by farmer-owned cooperatives. Jacabo is from Santa Anita La Union, a small community home to 35 families, five different languages (Spanish & 4 Mayan), and one very unique coffee co-op. Jacabo and the farmers in Santa Anita started growing coffee here after after 36 years of civil war. They continue to  fight for a better world, using the sale of high-quality coffee and bananas to build infrastructure, fund schools, and feed families.