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Café Campesino

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Grown by: 400 members
Processed by: Asociación de Pequeños Caficultores Orgánicos Maya-Mames
Region: San Marcos, Guatemala
Altitude: 1100-1900 masl
Varietal(s): Typica, Caturra, and Bourbon
Process: Washed, Sun-Dried
Imported/Exported by: Coop Coffees
Cupping Notes: Balanced with notes of milk chocolate, panela, and cherries

The story behind the coffee...

APECAFORM (the Maya-Mam Association of Smallholder Organic Coffee Farmers) was established in 1992, with aid from the Catholic diocese in Guatemala, as part of an initiative to support the development of local, small-scale coffee farmers. Today APECAFORM is comprised of some 400 members, spread over 17 communities. APECAFORM members are 100% small-scale farmers upholding their Mayan roots, including deep respect for the land and holistic and organic farming practices, and preserving traditional culture and language. The majority of their members speak Mam, one of more than 20 languages spoken in Guatemala.

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