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Lisbon French Press

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A beautiful glass French press suitable for coffee, loose-leaf tea or blooming tea. It’s available in 2 sizes: 3 cup/8 cup.


  • Available in 8 cup1000ml/34 fl. oz (2-3 cups of coffee) & 3 cup/350ml/11.8 fl. oz (1-2 cups of coffee)

  • Always use coarse ground coffee in a french press, (1 to 3 tablespoons per mug 300ml)

  • You can also use this French press to make loose leaf tea, or blooming tea. It is ideally suited as it has the all glass body to be able to see your fine teas and blooming teas as they steep


Beautiful glass French press for your favourite coffee or tea

The GROSCHE LISBON is a beautiful glass French press. It features a heatproof borosilicate glass beaker and GROSCHE’s dual filter system. The LISBON is perfectly suited for coarse ground coffee, loose-leaf tea or blooming teas. It will infuse them completely in just a few minutes, producing a rich-tasting cup of coffee or tea. The LISBON comes in two sizes: Choose the small 3 cup / 350 ml size to make a large cup of coffee for one person or the 8 cup / 1000 ml to make two to three large cups of coffee, perfect for two.


All glass body lets you watch your brew

The LISBON is a glass French press that enhances the visual experience of the brewing process. The handle of this coffee and tea press is fused to the body, which allows you to see without obstructions. Given this design, it is also a perfect infuser for blooming teas. Drop your blooming tea in the pot, add boiling water and put on the lid. After 3-5 minutes the tastiest and most beautiful blooming tea is ready!


Dual filter system

The LISBON glass French press has a stainless-steel main press filter that will not rust or add a metallic taste to your drink. A second filter sits at the mouth of the beaker and prevents larger grinds from getting into your cup. The lid of the LISBON tea and coffee maker can also be closed during steeping or while you drink your first cup. This way, you can make sure that your coffee or tea will stay hot longer and extract the full flavour. The LISBON French press is dishwasher-safe, but we recommend hand washing in order to prolong its life.


GROSCHE Safe Water Project

With your purchase of this product, GROSCHE is able to provide 50+ days of safe drinking water to someone in need. GROSCHE is a Social Enterprise and certified B Corp, which is the highest certification for businesses that share a mission to do good for the world.

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